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A bit About C.F.S Risk

About C.F.S Risk Consultants

Introduction to a specialist company which is going to breathe a breath of fresh air into the Fire / Health and Safety industry.

C.F.S Risk Consultants was founded in November 2010 after its founding member served the Fire/ Health and Safety Industry since 1982 under the banner of the State, Local Authorities and finally the Private Industry. The Founder of this company has gained valuable experience over the past 28 years and has witnessed the growth in the values and change of mindset; employers have placed in the safety of their employees and their responsibilities towards health and safety.

The Company prides itself on the quality it provides, offering a full range of fire/ health and safety specialist services including Company and Property Audits and Reports, Production of Documentation, Risk Assessments, Training, Site Inspections, Company Legal Compliancy Audits in the construction, industrial, educational, institutional and corporate industry , OHS Project Management and General Advice.

The Company offers a superior, pro-active health and safety service based on three main tenets:

  • That fire, health and safety procedures must be properly defined and responsibilities ascribed.
  • That in order for an individual to properly discharge his responsibility, he should be trained to do so.
  • That there should be a monitoring procedure in place to ensure that the practice matches the policy.

C.F.S Risk Consultants key objective:

To have absolute focus on client satisfaction through careful diagnosis of our client's specific needs, attention to quality and achievement of our client's objectives for the individual project.

C.F.S Risk Consultants Mission Statement:

C.F.S Risk Consultants strives to continuously achieve positive influence within our market, through the ongoing personal development process of all team members, ensuring that they are competent and confident in their role of empowering our client base with peace of mind within the ever-changing fire/ health and safety environment.

C.F.S Risk Consultants Quality Standards:

C.F.S Risk Consultants is committed to providing a high quality service to their clients. All members of C.F.S Risk Consultants members employed by the Company are required to have fire, medical and safety qualifications. They must also have considerable practical experience, prior to commencing work. Training in changes to legislation is regularly given to our members to ensure their continued professional development.



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